I can’t believe how fast October has flown by. Last week, I got hit with a virus that took me down for the count for a couple of days, and now as I’m pulling myself back together, I look around and wonder where the rest of this month’s days went! Hence, why this blog has come so late. But alas! Here I come with some DIY inspiration.

This weekend, Central Florida is experiencing their first real ‘cool’ day. We’ve been suffering through low to mid 90s for most of the fall season, so having an actual fall day is worth celebrating. It’s coming at a perfect time, for sure. Last night we went to a local fall carnival and we didn’t suffer through a heatstroke, today is a big craft fair in a couple towns over that we won’t melt walking through, and tomorrow is the corn maze and pumpkin picking. Fall on, fall on, fall on, fall! It definitely makes me a happy Melissa.

To celebrate the first real fall day for me, I wanted to whip together a step-by-step tutorial to inspire you to embrace some fall decorating. Many of the supplies used can be found at your local craft store and Dollar Tree, but I picked up a few of them from Walmart (the mesh) and Costco (the big ribbon spools) as well.

DIY fall wreath suppliesSupplies:

  • 14” wireframe
  • 15” poly mesh
  • 10” poly mesh
  • 6” poly mesh
  • 4 rolls of 2.5” ribbon (need at least 9’ of each)
  • 18 Pipe cleaners
  • Zip ties
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Cutting board
  • Ruler


The first step is to tie your pipe cleaners to your frame. I do 12 around the outside and 6 on the inside for mine.

DIY fall wreath making wreath form

Once your frame has been prepped, it’s time to gather your mesh. Typically I use 21″ mesh for this part, but I really liked this sparkly 15″ mesh I got from Walmart. It’s a little rougher to the touch, but there is no fraying, which is nice. Gather up your edge and check out the next step.

DIY fall wreath gathering mesh

Using a ziptie, turn around your wireframe and secure the end to the inside of the frame.

DIY fall wreath tying on mesh

Flip over and measure 10″ of mesh.

DIY fall wreath measuring mesh

Secure your mesh in the next piple cleaner, and continue to do this around the outer edge. Once you get back to the beginning, just pull the mesh over and do the same for the inside. I didn’t have as much mesh as I thought, so instead of the 10″ inside, I only did 5″ to make it fit, but typically you would do 10″ in the middle, too.

DIY fall wreath making mesh poofs

Your wreath will look similar to this. Don’t worry that it looks a little thin, once you add the other goodies, it will start to really fill up.

DIY fall wreath with mesh

*Caution, may be covered in glitter! I’m still cleaning up glitter and it never seems to go away. My friend Jill calls glitter “the herpes of the crafting world”. You just can never get rid of it, and just when you think you do, it appears again! Haha.

DIY fall wreath glitter chaos

The next step will be to cut your 10″ mesh. I cut mine at 20″ long. The mesh likes to curl, so it helps to have something heavy on one end to control it.

DIY fall wreath cut mesh

I cut enough to do every other tie inside and outside of the wire form, but you could also do every tie or you could only do the outside.

DIY fall wreath cut mesh

The next step is to make ruffles. To do this step, find the center point and start gathering and pinching the middle. I do this along the long edge so that it’s extra poofy.

DIY fall wreath making ruffles

It’ll look similiar to this once it’s all gathered!

DIY fall wreath making ruffles

Now just place them into your frame. Again, I do every other along the outer edge and inside the frame, but you could do all or only the outside.

DIY fall wreath wreath with mesh

Now to cut our ribbon! I’m cutting 12″ strips, so an easy way to cut your ribbon faster is to wrap it 9 times around a ruler (as we have 18 ties and will be fixing them every other tie)

DIY fall wreath fold ribbon

Once your ribbon is wrapped, they are easy to cut.

DIY fall wreath cut ribbon

Next, make sure your ribbons are all facing the right way and fold half of them together.

DIY fall wreath bend ribbon

Then just cut at an angle to dovetail your ribbons. Do this with all your ribbon.

DIY fall wreath dovetail ribbon

You should be left with four piles of ribbon. You don’t have to do four different kinds, you could do all one pattern, two patterns, etc. you’ll just want to make sure you have 36 total ribbons.

DIY fall wreath ribbon

The next thing you’re going to want to do is to pair up your ribbons. I paired the plaid ribbon with the burlap like ribbon, and the fall leaves with the darker brown, glittery ribbon. Take up one of your pairs and pinch in the middle.

DIY fall wreath ribbon pinching

Tie your first pair into whatever corresponding area of your wreath. I choose to tie these ones into every spot with the green mesh.

DIY fall wreath ribbon tying

Repeat with the next ribbon pair.

DIY fall wreath ribbon tying

Now just continue around the outside and inside of the wreath until it looks a little like the below. It’s really starting to fill up nicely now!

DIY fall wreath with ribbon and mesh

So I wanted to add a bit more dimension to this wreath, so I decided to make curls. To do this, take your 6″ mesh and cut it to 10″ long. Again, it helps to put some weight on the end so it doesn’t curl in on you. I am going to put these into every other tie that doesn’t already have the green mesh, and I’m going to do two at each interval, so I cut enough for 8 ties. I would have done 9 but I ran out of mesh and didn’t have anymore. That’s okay though, because we’re going to cover that part up and no one (except you now) will ever know!

DIY fall wreath cutting mesh

Now just roll the mesh into a curl longwise. Since you are doing two at each spot, it helps to have a clip or a clothespin to hold one curl while you work on the other.

DIY fall wreath making curls

Now just pinch the two curls together and tie them in every other pipe cleaner. Do this around the outside and the inside.

DIY fall wreath with added ribbon and mesh

Here’s where we are going to hide that missing curl! I felt like the wreath needed a little something more, so I made a bow for the space and added white pumpkins I got from the Dollar Tree in random positions. This part is your creative canvas, for sure. Add florals, signs, fall picks, etc and really give your wreath some personality.

DIY fall wreath with boww

To finish off your wreath, I suggest adding a back. This will help protect your door from any scratches, and it just gives it a nice finish. I got these placemats from Dollar Tree and they work perfectly.

DIY fall wreath back

Simply lay over the back of your wreath and zip tie in at the top, bottom, left, and right. And that’s it!

DIY fall wreath adding back to wreath

I hope this tutorial has helped to inspire your own fall wreaths. I would love to see what you create, too! Either tag me on social @wampusimaginarium or use hashtag #wampusimaginarium so I can share your awesome designs with others.

DIY fall wreath finished product

As always, happy crafting!
– Melissa

Wampus Imaginarium DIY fall wreath



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