I admit it, I ‘may’ have a problem. I can’t seem to drive past a Michaels or a Dollar Tree without going in and cleaning them out of ribbon, mesh, and whatever else I think I can stick on a wreath. But guys! When I saw how pretty these ribbons were, how cute these owls were, what was I supposed to do but get them!?

Wampus Imaginarium stuffed owlSeriously, though. I have a problem. But I couldn’t say no when I saw this amazing ribbon at Michaels. My creative wheels quickly started turning, and like a squirrel before winter, I started to gather. Cue Dollar Tree and their insanely adorable and affordable pumpkins, wreath forms, and owls. A match made in heaven!

The actual mesh itself is a 21″ poly deco mesh from Walmart. I am pretty sure all four ribbons are from Michaels. Except for the burlap, they are all wired ribbons, too. The inner ribbons are 10″ while the outside ribbons are 12″.

Also included is a 7″ burnt orange ribbon from Michaels. This I formed into ruffles and put them in every other puff. I love the way the colors work together! Though it’s a little harder to see, there is also some 6″ bronze tulle that is also used in every other puff. Gives it that little bit of sparkle, which as a glitter fiend, I find delightful.


Wampus Imaginarium owl and pumpkin fall wreath So what do you think? Do you like the color palette for this one? Would love to know your thoughts!


As always, happy crafting!

– Melissa



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